Elyse & Steven

I absolutely adored everything Elyse had envisioned for her wedding day, and I knew after meeting her we had to work together!!  One of the most important aspects of her wedding was the ceremony chuppah.  We worked together over the course of a year to perfect every detail of this beautiful piece!  I am so glad we did though, because there is something so special about a well thought out ceremony.  This is where the first precious moments of husband and wife will be taking place, and I think this is the most overlooked part of a wedding.  I was so glad Elyse and Steven really understood how sacred this space is, and were willing to put in the effort to make it just right.

The ballroom we created was a really magical transformation, and watching it come together gave me chills.  I had a huge team of talented designers with me, and we made sure no detail was overlooked.  Adding trailing jasmine vines, clustering candles, and making sure the cake was decorated just right…..these were just a few of the the items on our set up list that day!

Of course I loved the color palette we were working with, and Elyse really loved romantic antique garden roses, along with delicate greenery.  We mixed tall and short centerpieces, and used a variety of silver and mercury glass vessels to give the room a soft glow.

Elyse and Steven are just about to celebrate their 1 year anniversary, so I thought it was fitting to post their lovely wedding.  I can’t believe it took so long, but I think it was worth the wait!

The photos below are absolutely stunning; by Docuvitae.

Venue: The Park Hyatt

Coordination: Ever After Events

1 Park Hyatt Aviara wedding 2 Park Hyatt Aviara Wedding 5 Blush Wedding Flowers 3 Blush Wedding Bouquet 4 Blush wedding bouqueyt 7 wedding chuppah 8 wedding chuppah 6 wedding chuppah 9 blush wedding flowers


9 Wedding Chuppah








11 blush wedding 12 blush wedding

13 blush centerpiece 15 escort card table


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