Stevi & Kendrick

Stevi and Kendrick.  Holy wow, aren’t they both gorgeous?  Stevi is angelic, and Kendrick is so dapper.  Seriously rad human beings inside and out.  They offered me a cookie the first time we met and I was like WHAAAAT?  You guys are so cool.  I want to be your florist AND your friend!  I feel so grateful for clients like them….we value and respect each other.  It’s just THE BEST.

Take a gander at the insanely amazing images below by Lane Dittoe.  He’s so dang good.  He makes my flowers look INSANE.  I get goosebumps looking at his work.

Ok this wedding was just so fun and relaxed and rad.  I loved the flowers I loved the people.  Yep.  Thank you Stevi and Kendrick- for being you….and for picking me!!!

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